Commemoration of Santri Day, UIN Walisongo Held Degree Ceremony

Semarang – Commemorating the 3rd Santri day, UIN Walisongo held ceremony on the field campus 1 Monday (23/10). The event was led by Rector of UIN Walisongo, Prof. Dr. H. Muhibbin MAg.
The ceremony based on Presidential Decree of Indonesia Republic Number 22, 2015 about Santri Day on October 22 was evidence of state recognition toward services of ulama and santri in seizing, escorting, defending, and filling independence.
Indonesia celebrated the ceremony. The Whole students of Ma’had UIN Walisongo, employees, and lecturers of UIN Walisongo followed the ceremony reverently.
In the ceremony, Rector of UIN Walisongo read out Santri Pledge, Jihad resolution, sang a song entitled Ya Lal Waton, and read poetry for Santri.
Rector of UIN Walisongo, Prof. Muhibbin, said that we could be proud that santri got admission from Indonesia as one of the independence fighters and Indonesia guards. “Ceremony of santri day is not only belonging to the boarding schools, but it also belongs to all Indonesian, so we all must commemorate it, “he said.
He added that santri were the people who committed in practice the religion of Allah in accordance with the teachings of Allah and Nabi Muhammad SAW.
We hoped UIN Walisongo entire academic community would practice santri pledge to care for Indonesia continually, hubbul waton minal iman. We wanted all of Indonesian realize the ideals of the founders and fighters of nation.
Efforts of ulama and santri related to Jihad resolution were echoed by Hadratusyekh KH Hasyim Ashari, Rois Akbar NU, on October 22, 1945.
“In front of consuls of Nahdlatul Ulama from the whole Java and Madura at the office of Nahdlatul Oelama Hoofdbestuur at Jl Bubutan VI / 2 Surabaya, Hadlaratu Sheikh gave a thrilling speech. It informed that fighting and repelling invaders were an obligation those who were in distance 94 kilometers from places and positions of enemy, “he said quoting KH Hasyim Ashari speech in mandate of NU Chairman .
Rector added that Santri pioneered acceptance of Pancasila as the one of hope in nation life and stated that NKRI was decided as national consensus. (Ma’adhadah Wathoniyah).

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