UIN logo shape Walisongo is lantern, symbolizing science pengetehuan that illuminates life. The main function of the lantern looked at UIN Walisongo role in implementing the Tri Dharma College: education and teaching, research, and community service.
The logo consists of several elements, each of which contains the following meanings:
  1. Gunungan is a puppet whose shape tapers upward, like the shape of the mountain peaks. Gunungan created in 1521 AD (1443 Saka) by Sunan Kalijaga, a trustee of the ranks Walisongo, Gunungan is a symbol that contains multiple meanings. First, symbols that define the mission UIN Walisongo Walisongo in exploring, developing and applying local wisdom. Secondly, symbol mustika mosque. Third, the image upside down mountains resemble the human heart, which contains the implicit meaning that anyone with a heart should always remember to worship God. Fourth, a symbol of unity between the elements of divinity, kernanusiaan and the universe. God as the axis of knowledge (Theocentric) in synergy with human beings as the axis of knowledge (anthropocentric). The main objective of the synergy is to take back the dignity of man as a mercy to the ambassador. With the concept of tni, humans should concentrate dirt to God for human benefit;
  2. Five sides of mountains symbolize the five principles of Pancasila;
  3. Four node geometry. This geometry inspired by the ornament wall Mantingan Mosque. The mosque in the village tertetak Mantingan, Jepara, Central Java, was established in the Sultanate of Demak. In 1559 AD (1481 Saka). Construction of this mosque is the son of Sheikh Muhayat initiation Shah, the Sultan of Aceh, which was named Raden Toyib. He went to Jepara and married the daughter of Queen Kalinyamat which incidentally Trenggono Sultan, Sultan of Demak Kingdom. Raden Toyib got the title of Sultan Hadlirin and once crowned as Duke Jepara until death. Geomerti is very typical, classic archipelago representing the islamic art, he has four sections that intersect sating and chime, four segments are representing the four major aspects of the development of UIN Walisongo: theo-anthropocentric; humanization of Islamic sciences; spiritualize the modern sciences; and revitalization of local wisdom;
  4. Five yellow room symbolize the five pillars of Islam;
  5. Nine star is a symbol of the number nine trustees committee innovator in Java. They berijtihad with full wisdom in some fields, such as religion, culture and the arts, health, agriculture, and social;
  6. The white dot in the middle of the shaft hinted on God;
  7. Book or open book symbolizes scientific basis. It explains that the UIN Walisongo committed to realize the Islamic university research consistently improving the quality of research for the sake of Islam, science and society. Open book form a writing UIN as the identity of the State Islamic Unversttas menggambakan zeal to study, research and serving the community;
  8. Posts Walisongo as the name of the university.